Rules And Strategies To Follow For SMS Marketing

Rules And Strategies To Follow For SMS Marketing

You can get started anytime if you want to use text message marketing for your business. You can either use it uniquely or integrate with your email marketing campaign but in both the cases you will get the same benefits. However, you will need to follow a few specific rules and regulation to use it precisely for your benefit. This is especially required because there are various forms of business marketing and several other factors to take into consideration.

In recent times, mobile marketing, SMS text messaging, mobile ads and apps, and even location-aware services are getting a lot of buzzes. This is because those little handheld mobile phones no matter how small they look have increasingly become a significant part of the consumers in this modern world. Therefore, this is the best platform to reach out to more and more customers.

A few aspects of this technology, as well as the marketing efforts and benefits, may be still out of the immediate reach of the small businesses, text messages or SMS is believed to be beneficial for one and for all. Short Message Service, therefore, should be a part of the marketing plan for any business. This being a standard feature on all mobile devices, modern or traditional, it is an unfailing way to promote your business.

Rules and regulations

However, there are a few specific rules and regulations to follow for this purpose whether it is text message marketing for small business or a large corporation. Ideally, business SMS marketing is permission-based activity.

  • You will need to follow the rules and regulations for text message marketing for small business as formulated and governed by the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Actor TCPA. These rules and regulations are specifically designed with the intent to prevent spamming as well as to protect the personal privacy of the users of a telephone.
  • In addition to that, the Mobile Marketing Association has also formulated and produced a specific Code of Conduct. This, in fact, summarizes the TCPA into a specially designed sequence of “best practices” that must be followed during SMS marketing tactics for small businesses.
  • In addition to that, text message marketing for small businesses is also subject to the specific rules of the service providers or carriers of SMS text messages. These rules and regulations formulated are collectively known as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association or CTIA.

The rules and regulations formulated by different governing agencies are different but usually aimed at preventing SMS marketing for small business from containing any content that may involve profanity, hate speech or pornography. These associations also prevent the businesses from delivering and messages or performing any small business texting drive that ratifies use of illegal drugs or violence.

Strategies to follow

There are a few strategies that you should follow to ensure you have increased engagement with small business texting. Yes, it is true that offering discount coupons is a great and very effective way and there are several reasons to consider it such as:

  • It helps to attract more customers to your business
  • This will, in turn, increase your sales and business revenue and
  • It will help you to build a larger customer database.

However, a text message service for small business will not only provide all of the above benefits but will also help you to retain your customers.

  • If you text special offers and promotions on a regular basis, it method will also encourage your customers to come back to you time and again. Apart from that, text message service will help you to build and develop customer loyalty as well as encourage new customers to your business.
  • Another easy and effective way to increase engagement with the help of SMS marketing is through polls and contests. This is especially attractive to those people who love to interact and express their opinions.

You can conduct such polls asking specific questions regarding various aspects such as their favorites, hobbies, and others. This will generate a lot of engagement and it is also very likely that these will be shared among families, friends, and colleagues. They will, in turn, send their own replies to you and as a result, will opt to receive your business SMS marketing messages in the future.

SMS marketing services got a new meaning and look now as some carriers have recently started incorporating MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service. This is an upgraded version of the SMS texting through which you can send and receive multimedia messages. These messages include different elements such as:

  • Texts
  • Pictures
  • Video clips and
  • Audio files.

However, the recipient will need a compatible cellphone to receive, view and send such files for sharing.

The two common approaches

There are primarily two common ways in which marketers prefer to use SMS texting marketing for small businesses.

  • The first method is to send messages in bulk. For this, you must already have a large database of opt-in mobile subscribers.
  • The second method is sending a mobile generated request. This method usually relies on shortcodes that are typically five-digit numbers that are very easy to memorize.

You can use either one of the above technique or even use a combination of the two. Ideally, it is recommended that you use both of these approaches as that will give you efforts a lot of flexibility.

If you want your efforts of text campaigns to get up and running as fast as possible you will also need to choose one of the most reliable, reputable, and growing mobile SMS providers.

Ways to integrate

Here are a few easy and effective ways to integrate text messaging into your marketing efforts such as:

  • Text for info to set up a hub of information
  • Members’ only contents to get more people interacting with your brand and
  • Limited time special offering available via text only to keep the subscribers interested and responding.

Also maintain a regular customer follow-up with thank you, warranty reminders and more information about usage along with add-on offers.


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