Recover Permanently Deleted Data by Hard Disk Recovery Wizard SysTools

Recover Permanently Deleted Data by Hard Disk Recovery Wizard SysTools

In today’s world, data is the most important thing for both the business and individual person. So, people store their crucial information in pen drives, external hard drives, etc. Because these are the major storage devices for saving data in the computer system on a permanent basis. Apart from all these advantages, external hard disk corruption is a very common issue that is faced by users. There can be lots of reasons for this problem such as accidental deletion or formatting of hard drive data, human or any logical error, virus and other malicious infection occur in the external storage device, roughly ejection of the external drive during work etc. But, the deleted or corrupted files are still saved on the hard drive. They just become inaccessible and invisible that you need to recover back. In order to overcome these situations, many data recovery companies have developed a hard drive recovery tool. However, it is not an easy to recover permanently deleted data. But, the deleted or corrupted data can be easily recovered by using a reliable and ultimate solution like SysTools Hard Disk Recovery Wizard.

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Is it Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted Data?

Hello friends!! If you are the person who has the same problem and you are looking for a solution to recover permanently deleted data from the external hard drive. Then, you can use the SysTools Hard Disk Data Recovery Wizard to recover the corrupted and deleted data items from the external hard drive.

Here, I am going to review the software for you to let you know the features, advantages, disadvantages, versions, specification, etc. of this hard disk recovery product and how to recover permanently deleted data with the help of this product.

Know About the Best Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

The SysTools hard drive recovery wizard provides the solution to restore the data which is permanently lost or corrupted. It also allows recovering the data of different file types such as documents, images, video and audio files etc. Along with that, it supports RAW Data Recovery from both internal and external hard drive. However, it provides fast data recovery from IDE, SATA devices. This software is a highly suggested solution that is capable to recover permanently deleted files from external hard drive. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that does not require any technical skill to run or access this recovery wizard properly. Moreover, most of the professionals use this software to recover their data from corrupted external hard drive.

Some Selling Points of the Hard Disk Recovery Wizard

  • It recovers and saves permanently deleted files from Internal and external hard disk
  • Feature to easily recover data from both minor & major corruption in hard drive
  • Capable to recover image, audio, video, documents, & other multimedia files
  • Allows formatted, corrupted & deleted FAT, ExFat and NTFS file Recovery
  • Option to recover Raw data from both internal and external hard drive
  • Gives a Refresh option to find the attached external device for recovery
  • Provides quick data recovery option from IDE, EIDE and SATA devices
  • Compatible to work with all versions of Windows like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Some Common Features that Makes Hard Drive Recovery Tool Different from Others

Support Complete Disk Drive Recovery: – This software is used to retrieve all the data items such as images, audio, video, documents, etc. from an external or internal hard disk. In addition, it is also capable to recover the data from Solid State Drive and Pen Drive. This external hard drive data recovery software is designed to get back the data from any size formatted or reformatted drives.

Retrieve Normal & Shift Deleted Data: –  With the help of hard disk recovery wizard, users can recover both normal as well as permanently deleted data. It can be done by pressing shift + delete key. The shift deleted or permanently deleted files are listed with red color in their primary folder. Moreover, this utility can also restore permanently deleted data from FAT and NTFS file formats.

Supports Data Recovery From Formatted Hard Drive: –  The Hard Drive Recovery software is designed in such a manner that it provides an option to recover the deleted or corrupted files from either a formatted or reformatted hard disk like c:/ d:/ e:/ f: etc. These external disk drives can be of any size. Once users start accessing the tool, it will automatically detect the all available partitions of the computer system.

Maintains On-Disk Folder Hierarchy After Recovery: –  This is the most important features of the tool. Because nobody wants to alter their folder hierarchy and structure after the migration. So, this hard disk recovery software provides an option to maintain the original file or folder structure same as the original file even after performing the internal and external hard drive recovery. Moreover, the tool does not change, modify and delete the formatting of data after recovery.

Save Selective Files or Folders from Recovered List: –  Sometimes, people do not need to recover all data items from the external hard drive or any other storage devices that are connected to the computer system. They want to migrate only some selective items to be recovered. Hence, this application offers a feature to apply date based filter that will recover only the specific files or folders from the storage device within the particular date range. It is the best way to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive.

Supports RAW File System Data Recovery: – The software is programmed with such algorithm that it can easily recover the raw data. Sometimes, users are not able to access the hard drive and get a warning message like the hard disk is not formatted. In this case, the raw data problem can occur. Hence, in the raw file system data recovery process, the software offers a support for recovering the Raw Data such as ZIP, JPEG, PDF, GIF, PPTX, XLSX, MPEG LAYER – III, WAV, PNG, DOCX, AVI, etc.

Quick Scan and Preview Recovered Data: –  By using the Hard Drive Recovery software, users can scan the hard drive and preview the data items. Before recovery, the software has a feature to scan the damaged or corrupted data files quickly. After the quick scanning process, this utility will choose the corrupted files to be retrieved and generates a preview of recoverable data items along with its properties like file name, file type, creation date, size of the file, modification date, etc.

Search and Sort Hard Drive Items After Recovery: –  The external hard drive recovery tool has an option to search any particular or desired file from external hard disk. Because this software provides a date filter option for smart searching. Apart from this, they can also arrange the data items of the external hard drive according to its attributes like name, size, type, etc.

Versions Available of SysTools Hard Disk Recovery Wizard

The tool can be available in the following two versions:

Free Version:- The demo version of Hard Drive Recovery software is available to understand the working of the tool in a much better way. But, the demo version of the software cannot save the recovered data from the hard drive.

Full Version:- The licensed version of Hard Disk Recovery Wizard allows users to recover any size and number of deleted or corrupted data from external hard drive. They can also save it at any desirable location. One can easily purchase this tool after paying a minimal cost.

System Specifications

Operating System

Supports Windows 10 & all lower version of Windows


Intel Pentium 1 GHz or any equivalent processor


At least 2 GB of RAM is required

Hard Disk Space

Minimum 100 MB of free Hard disk storage needed

Live Working with Hard Drive Data Recovery Software 2019

  1. First of all, download, install and run the SysTools Hard Drive Recovery software.  recover deleted data

  2. Select the partition and Hit on Scan for Deleted Data Recovery or Formatted Scan for Formatted Data Recovery recover permanently deleted files

  3. After that, you can preview the selected files and folders from the hard disk. hard disk recovery wizard

  4. Finally, you can extract and save the folders or selected files from the formatted hard drive. save recovered files

Advantages/ Disadvantages of Using Hard Drive Recovery Software


  • The utility can be considered as a one-stop solution to repair all types of corruption in the hard disk.

  • The tool has minimum requirements and specifications for making the software functional.


  • The software does not support to work on the Mac operating system.

Why Choose SysTools Hard Disk Recovery Wizard?

If we precisely talk about the corruption or deletion of files from the external hard disk, then manually it is not possible to get back the deleted data or repair the corrupted or damaged data from hard drive. But, by using this SysTools Hard Disk Recovery Wizard, you can easily perform the recovery process. This tool is available with both the demo version and the licensed version. It is very easy to use to recover permanently deleted data.

Observational Verdict

According to my observational skills and knowledge, I must say that Hard Disk Recovery Wizard is an incredible application. By using this tool, one can easily recover permanently deleted, formatted and corrupted data from hard drive without any complications. I also appreciate and advise this quick and wonderful utility to others. Moreover, based upon the overall performance of the SysTools Data Recovery Software, I would like to rate it 9.8 out of 10.

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