Jennifer Lawrence’s Take on the Pressure of Being “Thin” in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence’s Take on the Pressure of Being “Thin” in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence has managed to take home Oscars for a number of heavy-hitting roles. She has proven her chameleonic abilities and we all agree to that. When it comes to her body, this lady has no plans of changing how she looks. Jennifer Lawrence body is naturally beautiful and the actress says that dieting is not in the cards for her.

She hopes that someday, our society will shift its perspective of having a perfect body. Lawrence has powerful takes on body positivity. Let’s have a look at those instances:

Redefine what it means to have a normal body

Jennifer does not feel like she has a normal body. She eats right, works out a lot and does Pilates every day. Being underweight is what we think is normal. When you don’t have a normal weight, people question your curves. She wants us to change our perspective about having a normal body.

Embrace a diet-free life

Jennifer Lawrence believes that all of us should live a diet-free life. We should be comfortable with how we look. Why should you starve every single day to make others happy? It just doesn’t make sense to her.

Change the way we look at each other

Lawrence believes that shows like “Fashion Police” are teaching our young generation to judge people on the basis of all the things that are wrong. They are promoting that it is ok to call people fat and ugly. They call it fun. This shouldn’t be how the real world looks like. If we don’t stop that, then the real world will actually become like that.

Being strong is the new skinny

Even though Jennifer Lawrence body is fit, she says she is never going to starve to get a role. She doesn’t want young girls to skip a meal to look like one of the roles she has played. The purpose of training and exercise should be to make your body fit and strong not thin.

We should reject the status quo of having a body image

We are living in the world where everybody keeps telling us how we should look, what we should eat, and how to lose this much weight fast. All this is overwhelming for our senses. We need to get rid of the body image status quo. Lawrence says that she would be thrilled to contribute to making a difference in getting rid of this norm from our society.

Calling someone “fat” should be illegal

Why is it considered funny to humiliate people? Lawrence believes that it should be illegal to call someone fat on TV. Sexual content, cuss words, and cigarettes are being removed from the movies because they don’t have a positive impact on the younger generation? But why doesn’t anyone raise their eyebrows when someone is being called fat on TV?

Jennifer Lawrence has a great message for people out there who are trying their best to fit into society by changing the way they look. Jennifer Lawrence body may be an inspiration for many but she doesn’t want anyone to beat themselves up for being curvy.

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